8 Mar

This Is How Awesome I Was in College

It’s always fun as a writer to look back on old work to see how much I’ve changed. However, it’s a pretty humbling experience to post that old work for everyone to see. In this case, I felt like the context demanded it, and I didn’t want to start entirely from scratch. I wanted a foundation to build on, even if that foundation has a few cracks that need to be fixed.

A few things jumped out at me when I was re-reading my old archives. First of all, I’m almost offended that I used the word “foodie” so rampantly, considering how much I hate that word nowadays. Secondly, like many college kids, I was hyperbolic and pretentious. Also, some of my “recipes” really sucked. I understand that making terrible food is a big part of becoming a skilled cook, but man, I actually published those.

That’s not to say there weren’t good ones. The chickpea-potato curry is still awesome, even if I’ve developed the recipe a little bit since then. But canned salmon and orange juice? Never again, America. Never again!

Ok, I’m sure I’ll post a bad recipe every now and then. I’ll look back on it a few months later, and wonder what the hell I was thinking, especially if I posted it after a few drinks. I like to think that I’ll never take anything down, though — the worst way to learn from a mistake is to brush it under the rug.

This blog is a personal journey as a cook and a writer, and I plan on being honest with myself and my audience. Here’s where it begins.

Take a moment to read my About page. It’ll give a decent amount of perspective.

Farewell for now!

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